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Department of Sociology

Alexander Ehlert

Alexander Ehlert, Dr.

  • Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Prof. Dr. Heiko Rauhut
+41 44 635 23 22
Room number
AND 5.48

Alexander Ehlert is a research assistant at the Chair of Prof. Rauhut since 2018. He studied Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics at the University of Constance, KEDGE Business School Marseille, and the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel. His main research interests focus on situations in which personal and collective interests are at odds and ways to resolve them, the development and evolution of cooperation and social norms using behavioral experiments, social network analysis, and other quantitative research methods. Theses should have a strong empirical focus and show how scientific findings can be used to improve people's lives.


CV (PDF, 50 KB)



  • Armandola, N. G., Ehlert, A., & Rauhut, H. (2022). Rebel without a Cause: The Effects of Social Origins and Disposable Income on Rule Violations. European Sociological Review. Link
  • Ehlert, A., Böhm, R., Fleiß, J., Rauhut, H., Rybnicek, R. & Winter, F. (2021). The Development of Prosociality: Evidence for a Negative Association between Age and Prosocial Value Orientation from a Representative Sample in Austria. Games, 12(3):67 Link
  • Ehlert, A., Kindschi, M., Algesheimer, R., & Rauhut, H. (2020). Human social preferences cluster and spread in the field. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)117(37), 22787-22792. Link
  • Raabe, I. J., Ehlert, A., Johann, D., & Rauhut, H. (2020). Satisfaction of scientists during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications7(1), 1-7. Link
  • Kindschi, M., Cieciuch, J., Davidov, E., Ehlert, A., Rauhut, H., Tessone, C. J., & Algesheimer, R. (2019). Values in adolescent friendship networks. Network Science (New York), 1-25. Link


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