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Department of Sociology

Julia Jerke

Julia Jerke, Dr.

  • Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Prof. Dr. Heiko Rauhut
Room number
AND 5.46

Dr. Julia Jerke has been a research fellow at the Chair of Prof. Rauhut since 2016. She studied sociology, psychology and mathematics at the Leipzig University and she received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Zurich in 2020.

Her main research interests focus on survey methods to capture sensitive topics, science studies in general as well as scientific misconduct and publication bias in particular. Her current research projects address publication bias in economics and the evaluation of the Crosswise Model and Item Count Technique.

She is part of the research team of the Zurich Survey of Academics ZSoA


  • Jerke, J., Johann, D., Rauhut, H., Thomas, K., & Velicu, A. (2021). Handle with Care: Implementation of the List Experiment and Crosswise Model in a Large-scale Survey on Academic Misconduct. Field Methods.
  • Jerke, J., Johann, D., Rauhut, H., & Thomas, K. (2019). Too sophisticated even for highly educated survey respondents? A qualitative assessment of indirect question formats for sensitive questions. Survey Research Methods, 13(3), 319-351.
  • Krumpal, I., Jerke, J., Voss, Th. (2016). Copy & Paste: Gedanken und empirische Befunde zu Plagiaten an Universitäten. Soziologie 45(2): 148-160.
  • Jerke, J., Krumpal, I. (2013). Plagiate in studentischen Arbeiten - Eine empirische Untersuchung mit dem Triangular Modell. Methoden, Daten, Analysen: Zeitschrift für empirische Sozialforschung 7(3): 347-368.
  • Jann, B., Jerke, J., Krumpal, I. (2012). Asking Sensitive Questions Using the Crosswise Model: An Experimental Survey Measuring Plagiarism. Public Opinion Quarterly 76(1): 32-49.


  • Jerke, J. (2020). Deficiencies of the Scientific System: A Multi-Method Approach to Investigate Violations of Research Integrity. University of Zurich.

Working paper:

  • Jerke, J., Ehlert, A., Rauhut, H. (unpublished). Larger research groups generate less publication bias.
  • Jerke, J., Diekmann, A., Rauhut, H. (unpublished). Not everything was better in the old days, just different. Publication bias and other trends in the economic literature since 1959.